Sigs, Spamming, & Slamming...

From: Iain E. Davis (
Date: 02/05/97

   I want you to know that I too appreciate the work that you do
maintaining this
list.  Although I don't contribute to the discussion too often,  I do
follow what's 
going on.  

Everyone Else:
Long .sigs are a bad thing.  Unnecessary messages (such has 'this .sig
sucks' comes to
mind) are a bad thing.   They both add more 'message' to our already
messageboxes.  So don't do either.

To this end:
For the first time in 6 years I'm using a message filter.  Anyone who is
being not nice (be it slamming, long signatures, or spamming the list) gets
filtered.   I recommend everyone who can do so as well...if we completely
ignore the 'troublemakers'
I imagine that'll get bored and go away eventually.  
Most importantly...we here to have fun...not sit around beating each over
the heads 
with big verbal sticks.  :)

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