Want this to stop? (fwd)

From: Alex (fletcher@cspo.queensu.ca)
Date: 02/06/97

by this individual who sent over 2000 messages last night attempting to
put them all on the CircleMUD mailing list to bomb all of your mailboxes.

I'm forwarding this as a warning for you, so that you can be prepared for
whatever happens.

As a note, mail from him has also come from 'Infamous.Mage@mud.argy.com'
and 'raistlin@inil.com'.

Just to warn you.

Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 97 22:45:42 -0800
From: Infamous Mage@birdy.ico.net
To: fletcher@cspo.queensu.ca
Subject: Want this to stop?

You can make a full appology to the CIRCLE MUD LIST about how you wrongfully mis-judge people and have 
kicked people out based on your own fullish ideals and not because of mailing list policy.  So in other words 
tell them the truth, also if you really don't wanna hear from me again you can announce to the list that your 
really not the best person to be running the list and if you had to make a choice you would gladly hand over 
power to the Infamous Mage...  If you do not full fill these demands I will be forced to pull all of my resources 
togethor and onslaught your list with everything I've got.  I guarantee I will bring it down, I've changed it 
drasticly by my actions thus far, lets not tempt me to destroy a good thing...

Later you Fucking Jerky ass,
Infamous Mage...

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