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Date: 02/07/97

On Fri, 7 Feb 1997 wrote:

>  There are a couple of things though which are not clear to me.
> First all the players seem to start from the mortal_load_room, and 
> imms from the immortal_load_room, is this normal?  I see a lot to do 
> with load_room in the code, but I am not sure if the quitting 
> location should be saved and chars loaded back to that room.

Well, seeing as how they are the default start rooms for mortals and
immortals (as should be evident by the name of the variables), it's
quite normal.  The load_room stuff is for making players load into
rooms other than those two.  If you want to make someone appear in
the room they quit in, track down all instances of 'save_char' (except
for the prototypes, of course), and change the second argument from
'NOWHERE' to 'ch->in_room' [of course, that's when it's "save_char(ch,
NOWHERE);" if it's "save_char(vict, NOWHERE);" then change the second
argument to vict->in_room, same goes for others].

>  Also (this concerns the mobprog patch), in mprog_act_trigger, there 
> is a 'malloc' doody thing, which I feel is not compatible with NT, is 
> there a fix? (all the other trigs in mobprogs work ok).

Why would you think malloc was imcompatible with NT?  What other way
is there to allocate memory (other than calloc, of course).  Malloc is
quite ordinary and standard.  If it wasn't, CircleMud wouldn't work at
all.  Most likely, the problem with mprog_act_trigger is that mobiles
aren't receiving the messages in ACT.  Usually because of the SEND_OK
macro that says no mobile without a descriptor structure can get an

Daniel Koepke
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