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Date: 02/07/97

Hi all,

 First, thanx to Chris Warren for his instructions on how to compile 
circle to run on Win NT!!  It works :)
 There are a couple of things though which are not clear to me.
First all the players seem to start from the mortal_load_room, and 
imms from the immortal_load_room, is this normal?  I see a lot to do 
with load_room in the code, but I am not sure if the quitting 
location should be saved and chars loaded back to that room.
 Also (this concerns the mobprog patch), in mprog_act_trigger, there 
is a 'malloc' doody thing, which I feel is not compatible with NT, is 
there a fix? (all the other trigs in mobprogs work ok).

 Thanx for any pointers,

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