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From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 02/07/97

Taking a stab at this, but it sounds as if this would be easy to set up by
copying the skills code, set up a 32 bit var and #define your
proficiencies. copy GET_SKILL into GET_PROFICIENCY, and in class.c you
should be able to set it to a certain percent (or if a precent isnt
needed, if they just have it, if GET_PROF(ch, PROF_CLIMBING) should work
for you.

The neat part would be getting the checks for those proficienciesin the
right places.  lots of if GET_PROF's in fight.c, shop.c..looks pretty

Luck, and let me nkow how you went about it, I would be interesting in

Ghost Shaidan, ( 4000

>    On the MUD we're building, we'd like to implement player 
> proficiencies, which are various aquired specializations that can greatly 
> affect gameplay for the character.  Some of the proficiencies I've come 
> up with so far:
>   Archer      -- +3 hitroll and +1 damroll with ranged weaponry
>   Arms Master -- +1 hitroll and +1 damroll with all weapon types
>   Blindfighter - Negates blindness while in combat
>   Climbing    -- Player can navigate climb-only rooms
>   Merchant    -- More favorable prices when buying and selling at shops
>   Swordsman   -- +2 hitroll and +2 damroll with slash-type weaponry

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