From: Brian Michael Langenfeld (
Date: 02/07/97

Good day, all--

   On the MUD we're building, we'd like to implement player 
proficiencies, which are various aquired specializations that can greatly 
affect gameplay for the character.  Some of the proficiencies I've come 
up with so far:

  Archer      -- +3 hitroll and +1 damroll with ranged weaponry
  Arms Master -- +1 hitroll and +1 damroll with all weapon types
  Blindfighter - Negates blindness while in combat
  Climbing    -- Player can navigate climb-only rooms
  Merchant    -- More favorable prices when buying and selling at shops
  Swordsman   -- +2 hitroll and +2 damroll with slash-type weaponry

  and so forth.

   Has anyone here implemented anything like this on their mud?  If so, 
would you mind telling me how you did it (or posting it)?  Thanks in 
advance, and my apologies in advance if this is already on some ftp 
site.. I am butt-ass tired right now and can't recall if it is or not 
(yeah, I guess I'll go look after I send this off..)  Thanks again.

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