From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 02/07/97

Hrm, please dont take this as a flame, but perhaps using the grep command
(if on some flavor of unix) or the find(?) if in a windows environment
(coul be wrong on this one). for the GET_EXP calls, or the -1000
would work for you.  Patches can show you some things, but i have learned
more about the code using grep and tracing down the program flow, than I
have learned from all the patches we have used put together.

Alignment is changed in one call, but can also be set, and is in the
score, and is checked in mob.act.c, and possibly in spec procs.c *ponders*
and MAYBE even in castle.c  if you REALLY want to change the alignment
that much, you will want to look in there. (Don't forget the IS_EVIL and
IS_GOOD checks)

It may be easier to stay with the 1000 - -1000 and just change how much
each kill changes the alignment by, this is controlled in one line, (from
memory) its changed by 1/16th in the opposite direction of the mob you
kill.  Change this to 1/1024th or so, and you will have a much more viable
scale, it willb e harder to change from extreme to extreme, but should
accomplish the desired result in a MUCH easier way than changing all the
other references to alignment.

*The above message was written under the influence of sever sleep
deprivation, please excuse any uneeded rambling* *8)

Ghost Shaidan, ( 4000

> imps and a bunch of coders.  Mostly we are piecing the mud together from
> snippets.  I was wondering if anyone had a code snippet to change the
> alignments from the stock circle max of -1000 to 1000 to about -20000 to
> 20000 or -10000 to 10000. anything inbetween there would be great too.
> If this is just an easy code change that would be helpfull.  I haven't
> been able to find the fiel with the alignment code in it.  

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