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Date: 02/17/97

>From mattm Mon Feb 17 02:36:07 1997
To: circle@cspo.queensu.ca
Subject: Re: Re[2]:  Rent
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  Message of Oasis and Obuild some dude circulated without my permission.
Sorry about the controversy..wasnt intended that way.

  This message was not intended to circulate.. sorry about  all this
sammy..  I know you know your stuff.. and are a real cool dude.. to be honest.

but.. i must admit.. i had to go with oasis.. just for the menu based 
stuff.. (looks better quality) most  my friends stick with obuild tho.

  However.. i must admit.. it is shareware..and i am currenty using parts
like zlist and some copy_mob()..  yea....  just my opinion.. about the
types i like..  

 I mailed that letter to some dude.. and he floated it into circulation.
the last one that is.

  Anyway.. hope this clears things up.. 

PS... kind of disappointed about NOMUD.. i remember going in on it with
Dark Rights Of Passage mud..   (garfield.unl.edu 4000) i believe way back
in the days when i was first starting out.. 

  3 years later.. 5 muds  cracked later.. and having to start over....
i uped the security.. and started my own.


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