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Date: 02/17/97

>From mattm Mon Feb 17 02:46:35 1997
To: circle@cspo.queensu.ca, laura@berkeley.sds.com.hk
Subject: Re:  Darklord's Obuild Comments
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  First of all.. that reply letter was not to go into circulation about
flamming obuild.. Sammy handled it well. and i have probably known him
longer that most the circlemud fan members.. since I was    once working
with his mud way back when i had the prototype for the first obuild still

/* - - - - - - - - - - - - - - */  comments like that look familar.. ask
sammy himself.. half the muds code i got hold of.. which was offered and
not circulated.

  Second of all.. i have tried  obuild.. and riped it out the next day.
My personal opinion.. and have friends who disagree..  So if you like
Winblows 95  (fine) if not then you can stick with windows 3.1     or so
with a dos (equivilant) operating system.   Personally i stick with
3.1 just due to ram restrictions.. i cant  afford to upgrade..

  But Some people think windblows 95 sucks and is buged.. when it has
its  pros and cons..   This is why sammy didnt flame me on this reply..
and because he is a smart  dude and knows whats up.

 And finally.. just to clear things up here..  I did mention or recoment
comments on how to make sammys obuild better.. i would suggest reading something
on a summation function..  and if you dont know what the equivilant to that
would be .. you definatly dont know anything about code.

  just for a minor test.. do ya know what a scanf() is ? 

  Ohh.. does it exist and what library.. hahahah                         

  id check the circle code real good to see if you can find it.

  I use ddata menus on all my arg stuff.. buf if you did that.. wouldnt you
be qualified to talk here..?

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