Spec Proc question

From: Laura Ree (laura@berkeley.sds.com.hk)
Date: 02/17/97

Okie... sorry for another silly newbieish question.
I'm working on a simple spec_proc, one that makes the mob cast spells
(several of which I've successfuly coded before) -- but despite the fact
that it compiles, and is assigned in all the proper places in spec_assign
and in the mob files..its still not working.
WEll...let me be more specific. Its a spec with 4 cases for 4 different  
mobs in the same zone, and
because of the fact that for one of the specs the builder of the zone
wanted the mob to alternate between casting fireball and magic missile, I
set it up so that the if-statements and the number statement is within the
case statements 
ie: Case 1:
     if ....
      return FALSE;
     switch (number (0, 3)) ..
etc. (not actual code..sorry I dont' have it in front of me as I write
this (and its late ..so i prolly couldn't copy it right anyways)...
anyways... there are 4 cases. 
One of them, on which the mob cast's blur on himself works perfectly fine.
The other three don't work at all.. so i'm a bit befuddled (yes I have
checked for obvious -- to me -- bugs in the others).
So what I would like to know, does anyone
have any suggestiosn for including the if/number statements within the
case? Or is it a hopeless cause, to which I should make a whole separate
proc for the one that motivated me to do it this way?
Thanks for any help in advance....
oh...also as to note..i used call_magic...
then when it wasnt' working i tried cast_spell .....
sorry if this is too vague.

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