Re: [CODE] Spec Proc question

From: Mike Levine (
Date: 02/17/97

Laura Ree wrote:
> Howdy!
> Okie... sorry for another silly newbieish question.
> I'm working on a simple spec_proc, one that makes the mob cast spells
> (several of which I've successfuly coded before) -- but despite the fact
> that it compiles, and is assigned in all the proper places in spec_assign
> and in the mob files..its still not working.

Remainder snipped

Without seeing your code it sounds as if your CASE statements are
not being evaluated properly. You indicate that the first CASE statement
works fine so the logic of the Switch block is most likely fine.

Perhaps you are passing the wrong parameters to the Case statements
and this is cause of your problems?

A copy of your code would be helpful to see. Without it most answers are
simply conjecture.

Mike Levine
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