Re: Want this to stop? (fwd)

From: Sammy (
Date: 02/07/97

On Thu, 6 Feb 1997, Mike "-ATMA-X-" Darcy wrote:

> something about this guy just brings to mind to words "senseless 
> torture" and "i feel like killing someone". i dunno why i am further 
> increasing the load of useless little mail from spam and senseless 
> idiots like this "infamous mage", but i couldnt help but want to turn 
> this person into a newt. why do people do things like that anyways? it 
> really doesnt make any sence to me... id mailbomb him with a million 
> copys of some O/S src, but then ID be the bad guy. i dont get it.......

Actually, there wouldn't be anything wrong with everyone on the list
mailing a single polite but firm email asking him to please stop
mailbombing and fakemailing the list and list keeper.  Include a copy of
his threat, and cc to

We don't have 2000 people on this list, but if even half of us send him
one mail, maybe he'll get the message.  Not likely, since he thinks
himself a hacker, but I still think it'd be a fun and interesting project.


Oh, and if you do mail bomb him, take care and make it hard to trace :)

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