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From: Raelyn S Sweebe (
Date: 02/07/97

You mud may have more or less commands than ours, but this book will give
you a good overall basis of commands available to immortals.  Ours is in
need of much updating with all the new commands that have went in but this
includes most of them.  I hope you see some redeeming value in this

*This handbook contains explanations and guidelines to for immortal
commands that are available to the immortals of Eclipse.
*You can be fired from your position for the abuse of ANY of these
commands at the discretion of one of the implementors.
*Some commands in this book are available to all gods, but some
are based on level and may not be available to you.

ADVANCE advance <victim> <level>

Advance moves a player to a new level.  If used to promote a player to an
immortal level, and if you have the autowiz program installed, the wizlist
and immlist will automatically be recreated.

advance Destiny 34

AT at <location|person|object|mob> <command>

At can be used to perform an action in a location other than where you are
standing.  The first argument can be a virtual room number or the name of a
character or object.  The remainder of the line is passed to the command

at 3001 look
at fido kill fido
at 3.corpse get all corpse

BAN UNBAN ban [<'ALL' | 'NEW' | 'SELECT'> <site>]

Ban prevents the specified login type (new, all, selected) from loging
into the mud from the specified site.  Unban removes the ban.

ban new


This command provides current machine time ie. the time in the real world
at the game server.

DC dc <descriptor number>

Dc (DisConnect) is used to disconnect a socket.  If used on a playing socket,
the player will lose his/her link, but, unlike PURGE, will not extract the
player or dump the player's inventory on the ground.


echo <message> sends system message to all in the room.
qecho <message> sends system message to all with quest toggled on.
gecho <message> sends system message to all in the game.
send <victim> <message> sends system message to <victim> only.

FORCE force <player|mob> <victim> <command>

Force forces a character, either monster or player, to perform a certain
action.  FORCE ALL forces everyone in the game; FORCE ROOM forces everyone in
your room.

force fido drop meat
force all save
force room look fido

FREEZE THAW freeze <victim> -- thaw <victim>

Freeze prevents a character from issuing ANY command, including quit.
This means don't freeze someone and expect them to talk to you.  Thaw
unfreezes them.


goto <location> will transport you to the place you specify.
trans <victim> will transfer <victim> to the place you are.
teleport <victim> <location> will transport <victim> to <location>.

go 3001
go Destiny
trans Destiny
teleport Destiny 3001


This is the command to read this book.  It is the first command you
should use when you become immortal.


A toggle which allows you to see:

   Invisible people and objects
   Hidden people
   Dark rooms

INVIS invis <level>

Invis makes you visible/invisible.  Invis 21 would make you invisible to
every under level 21.  Get the picture?

LAST last <player name>

For checking the last time a person logged on, their sitename, and their
ID number.

LOAD load <mob|obj> <vnum>

Load will create either and object or a mob.  Objects will be on the
ground in the room which you load them.  There are rules about loading
you should know.

MUTE mute <player name>

Mute is useful if someone is swearing or annoying people over public

NOHASSLE nohassle

Nohassle will prevent agro mobs from attacking you.  All imms should
have this on at all times.

NOTITLE notitle <player name>

Notitle will prevent a player from using the title command.  It is used
when a player has a title which is offensive or impropper.
When you notitle someone, the title they have will remain and be
unchangable.  Force them to title (so the default title is there)
before you notitle them.

NOWIZ nowiz

Allows you to hear or ignore messages coming over the wizline.

PAGE page <name|all> <message>

This will send a message, preceded by your name, and accompanied by
an annoying set of beeps to specified player(s).  Unlike echo's, this
is seen even if the person is sleeping.

PARDON pardon <player name>

Removes killer and thief flags from a player.


Poofin will set the text seen by people when you 'goto' a room.
Poofout will set the text seen by people when you leave a room with
the 'goto' command. Currently these do not save.

PURGE purge <player|obj|mob>

Purge on a player will clear his inventory and equipment list, then
disconnect him.
Purge on a mob will destroy the mob and leave his inventory on the
Purge on an object will destroy the object.

REBOOT reboot <*|file>

Reboot is used to load text files from disk into memory.

REROLL reroll <player name>

Reroll gives a player new stats (i.e., str, int, wis, dex, and con.)


Restore restores a player or mobile to full hit, mana, and move points. If
used on immortals, it sets all skill levels to 100%.


Toggle which shows room's vnum and any flag's it has (dark, death...)

SET set <file|player|mob> <name> <field> <value>

Set is useful if you know how to use it.  Typing set will show you
the fields which you can set.  Set file will set an attribute in a file
if the player is not logged in.  Set player will search for players,
in the event that a player has the same name as a mob.  The first field
can be left out if the player is logged in and has a unique name.

SHOW show <mode> <arguement>

Show will show information about something.  For example show zones will
show a list of all the active zones.

SHUTDOWN shutdown <reboot|die|pause>

Do not even worry about this one, you will never use it.


This will toggle the nameserver_is_slow setting, you will never use
this either.

SNOOP snoop <player|mob> <name>

Snoop will show you all text which the arguement sees.  It is only to
be used if necessary, not just to be nosy.  To unsnoop, just snoop

SNOWBALL snowball <name>

Snowball is just a social, funny at that, try it.

STAT stat <player|file|mob|obj> <name>

Stat will tell you the stats of the arguement...duh...

SWITCH RETURN switch <mob name> -- return

Switch will allow you to take over a mob's body, useful for quest's.
Return will put you back to your body.

SYSLOG syslog <off|brief|normal|complete>

The syslog, depending on your level, can get very spammy.  It shows
you when someone enters the game, dies, levels, pkills, and a whole
bunch of other stuff.  The higher your level, the more you see.

UNAFFECT unaffect <victim>

Removes all spells, set skills, and time affected skills from a player.


Tells you how long the mud has been up.

USERS users <-k-o-p-d-n-h-c-l [min]-l [max]>

Show the users online, sockets, sites and some other stuff.

-k or -o   Show only outlaws (killers and thieves)
-p         Show only sockets in the playing sockets
-d         Show only non-playing (deadweight) sockets.
-l min-max Show only sockets whose characters are from level min to max
-n <name>  Show the socket with <name> associated with it.
-h <host>  Show all sockets from <host>.
-c list    Show only sockets whose characters' classes are in list

VNUM vnum <mob|obj> <name>

Will list the vnum's of the specified objects or mobs that can be used
with the keyword <name>.

VSTAT vstat <mob|obj> <vnum>

Finds the stats of the mob/object with the said vnum.


Gives a list of the special commands available at your level.

WIZLOCK wizlock <value>

Wizlock 1 will prevent new players from entering the mud.
Wizlock 1001 will prevent mortals from entering the mud.
Wizlock 1005 will only allow implementors to enter the game.

WIZNET [;|immtalk|wiznet] <@|+|-|#> <text>

The immortal communication channel.

<text>    - just sends text
@         - shows all gods that are on and visible to you
          - also shows if the gods who are visible to you are writing
+         - allows you to hear the wizchannel
-         - turns off the wizchannel

ZRESET zreset <zone number|*|.>

This forces a zone to reset.
. will force the zone you are in to reset.
* will reset all the zones
zone number will force the zone with that number to reset.



any Q's mail me or come talk to me

Destiny the keeper of the fates, Eclipse of Fate 7777
"vini, vidi, vici"

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