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From: Chaotic (
Date: 02/07/97

On Fri, 7 Feb 1997, John Evans wrote:

> Greetings,
> A friend is wanting to work on the mud code offline (off of the mud server
> that is) and is running win95.
> He is using bcc (Borland C Compiler) and it's acting like it doesn't like
> the long filenames. He can't find any info about whether or not bcc will
> handle long filenames.
> Is there a switch to use to "turn on" this ability or does he need to get
> a different compiler?

i don't know if the borland compiler will work for you (you didn't mention
which version, but 4.51 and later should work), but what about changing
the filenames?  filenames for includes would have to be changed in each
file (the makefile dependencies will help there), the makefile itself (do
this last, and spaces are ok under win95, so don't worry about "you MUST
USE TABS" msgs regarding the make file), and the source.  for example:

    rename "act.informative.c" to "actinfo.c"

just some thoughts...

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