From: Mac T. Wheeler (mtw@dircon.co.uk)
Date: 02/09/97

Ok.. First off, thanks to those of you who helped me out with my
problem when adding new classes. Let`s just say that I`m not gonna
tell ya what the problem was, cos it`s a bit embarasing. (blush)

Ok... now to the meat of this message.

I am putting in a snippit from the circle resources page, the snippet
is for races. I am modifying it on the way in, cos it aint quiet what I
need but it`s pretty close.

Ok.. after fixing about a million syntax errors (God I hat my fingers
sometimes), I get it to "almost" compile.

The last error I have left is this:

When compiling races.c (the new file created to handle races) I get
the follwoing message (actually I get a few more, but this is the
meaningfull one)

sysdep.h:199 conflicting types for 'srandon'

Also I getone for 'random'

Upon checking the source of sysdep.h I read a few things about
compiler problems and stuff.

I dunno... This is completely beyond my knowledge of C, can
anybody help me out here?

Thanks in advance. Mac.
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