Re: [IDEA] Thus the storms did come...

From: Allen Miles (
Date: 02/09/97

Regarding the mail on Weather, I though of adding seasons (ie. Spring,
Summer, Fall, and Winter) And having the seasons affect how hot, cold, wet
etc the world is.  I thought of making it affect rangers forage skill,
like harder to get food in winter, and to have it raise and lower food
prices according to the season. Also affect movement, snow and hot weather
could make movement cost more, same for weather, like rain makes mud so
add 1 more to movement every room that it is raining in, etc.  I guess you
kinda get my point huh? :P  anyway, I am still learing C/C++ and don't
realy know how to go about doing it (if it's even feasable in the first
place) My computer has been in the Shop 5 times in 2 months and everytime
I have had to start over again. Anyway, just a thought.

-Allen Miles, Kain on Redwall MUD <- No site yet.

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