mmmmm, funny letters. (Was Re: Win95)

From: Walter Goodwin (
Date: 02/09/97

> (To be civil, I won't name names, but I could put together a *highly*
> amusing collection of email I've gotten over the past few years ;-)).

Heh, I think I speak for at least 10% of the white males aged
18-30 who may or may not be on this list when I say, Go for it :)
I'd loove to see your collection :)  One of my favorite issues
back when I was a fervent reader of dragon magazine (boy, that was
a loooong time ago) was the April addition when they put the really
odd mail into the letter's column.

Heh, I'd actually take the time to make a home page to host it
if no-one else would, well, I prolly wouldn't have to live up to
that offer seeing as you have your own home page that can have
more or less just a little (comparitively) text file.  Heh, the hardest
part would be to remove all the names :)

Jason "Why am I sending this to the list?  Karma, the last seven or
so times I've meant to send to the list, I sent my message to the guy
I was responding to :)" Goodwin
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