Re: mmmmm, funny letters. (Was Re: Win95)

From: John Evans (
Date: 02/10/97

At 01:08 PM 2/9/97 -0800, Daniel Koepke wrote:
>On Sun, 9 Feb 1997, Walter Goodwin wrote:
>> Heh, I think I speak for at least 10% of the white males aged
>> 18-30 who may or may not be on this list when I say, Go for it :)
>> I'd loove to see your collection :)  One of my favorite issues
>I wouldn't mind seeing it, but I don't think too many people
>(especially those in the mail) will have a good sense of humor
>about it and will probably bitch at Jeremy for it.

True... Jeremy prolly would catch Hell for doing it, even with the names
removed. I wouldn't give him a hard time because I like making people smile.... 

even if it is because they're laughing at me.    :)

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