Re: <Makin' code>

From: Sammy (
Date: 02/13/97

On Thu, 13 Feb 1997, Shawn J. Wallace wrote:

> >This is my opinion of a practical command (you can decide what you think
> >about it).  You make a command that will put you in a world creation mode,
> >something like: wlkzon <zone number>
> That would be a very useful command for outlining new areas.  To enhance it
> further, you could have the new rooms all created with a certain set of
> flags.  For example, if I'm creating a palace then I'll want all the rooms
> flag indoors and inside.

You might wanna check out the "redit default" option in obuild.  You can
set up your first room with the flags you want, then set your default to
that room so all the new rooms get created with the same flags.  It's
really simple code, tho it may be spread out a bit.  Grep for
default (you'll get all the mob and object default stuff too).


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