Re: <Makin' code>

From: Shawn J. Wallace (
Date: 02/13/97

>This is my opinion of a practical command (you can decide what you think
>about it).  You make a command that will put you in a world creation mode,
>something like: wlkzon <zone number>
><zone number> will probably have to be a zone empty of rooms.
>You stand in the zone and enter the command.  You then walk a path where
>you want rooms and then you enter the command again to end.  It will the
>write rooms with vnums and directions made and you just have to go in and
>fill in the details like descriptions and the like.
>If you didn't understand a word I said email me and I'll try to explain it

That would be a very useful command for outlining new areas.  To enhance it
further, you could have the new rooms all created with a certain set of
flags.  For example, if I'm creating a palace then I'll want all the rooms
flag indoors and inside.


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