Re: [PROBLEM] Problem moving a mud...

From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 02/13/97

On Thu, 13 Feb 1997, Joshua Burley wrote:

> I tried ftp'ing my mud to another site, but now it doesn't accept any passwords
> as being correct... any ideas? It knows what characters are already created, but
> just doesn't like ANY passwords...

Well, someone allready sugested crypt might be missing on the system you
want to move your mud to. Most probable cause of your trouble in my
oppinion is, that you have moved between systems with different endian
formats... In danish-american that's something like, the way your binary
data is stored on the two mashines is different, and thus the password now
interprets differently, and your old password(s) are no longer accepted.

A way of working arround this problem is to find a way to convert your
pfiles from big -> little endian or little -> big endian depending on the
actual way you've shifted mashines. Unix has some lib-funcs called
ntohs()/ntohl() stohs()/stohl() or something like that, for converting
long/shorts into the right formats, this way you could make a so called
NET-BYTE ordered pfile, and then convert this to the mashine you moved
to... I tried this once, and never got it to work fully and ended up with
a pfile wipe..
Since Samedi (I think it was him) has made some code to make ascii-pfiles
you might want to look into this. Then install this ascii-pfile stuff on
the mashine you're going to ftp from and make your pfiles into ascii ones.
Then ftp those to the 'new' site, and you should be able to run with
those, as the're now in ASCII-format...

Mmmm, don't ask me for any pointers on where to get the ascii-pfile
stuff... *cackle* Post a request for someone to tell you where to find it
if you need it, since I can't remember where it is placed.

Well... nothing is easy when you move arround with your mud..

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