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From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 02/13/97

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>From:	Rick Ballard []
>Mike wrote:
>>Hey Rick
>>Don't's most likely you have not added the zone to the
>>index (eg., 12.zon). Stock Circle is missing this zone in it's 
>>default index or if you have created a new zone it needs to be
>>added to the index.
>No, I checked the index and all the zone files are there. Anyway, it's 
>not just one zone's objects that won't save-It's all of them!

Recheck your index files, check file permissions, all the usual stuff.

Have you made any code changes?

>Also, when 
>I try to create a new zone, Oasis often crashes! HEEELP!

I never did find the bug in creating new zones on the fly. I yanked the entire
concept from the code; It's not that big of a deal to create 20 or 50 stock
zones every once in a while. After all you only need one mob or whatever in
in each file. (shops get by with just the end sequence) -- A VB app (or shell
script for unix) could be created to create the right stuff in each file automatically.

The entire zone process in Oasis is more complex than it needs to be. You
might consider rewriting the way zones work one day.. In particular the method
of having the 'right' number of mobs and objects needs work.

BTW . here's a short list of the bugs I've found in Oasis:

The zone editor: it will cause loads to revert to zone 0.. really strange one. I
still don't think is completely fixed -- It started happening again after lying
dormant for a few months.. thought I had that one fixed.. :-)

Medit.. there's a bug in there when you quit after creating a new object. Usually
happens a mob or two past the one you messed up on .. or at minimum a command
or two.

There are other bugs.. those are the ones that come to mind.


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