RE: [CODE] Automatic MOB settings for Oasis

From: Gary Barnett (
Date: 02/13/97

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>stuff about automatic mob setting snipped>
>That's a really good idea.  Has anyone implemented this code or something
>similar to it?

I just finished creating that sort of thing for objects. 

I created a system of balance points. Each type of affect an object can
bestow was given a point rating. Each object cannot exceed 7 points.
Minimum rent and value were calculated as well.

Initially I made another CON state to handle a 'you can't save this, as it's
out of balance'. After receiving builder input, I decided to create a new flag
for objects, '!MAKE" (when an item with this flag is created (by any means)
it is replaced with a standard "An unbalanced item lies here.") and have the
object save in the database (helps for the frequently link-less)

Mobs are next.. the rating system is a bit harder for them.. More things to


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