Re: [CODE] Automatic MOB settings for Oasis

From: Walter Goodwin (
Date: 02/14/97

Just wanted to say 2 things, 1'st, neat system :)  I had thought
about trying to create a "system" but I wanted to re-get all my core
things down before even thinking about it :)  Well, that and I'm
gonna try to get all the "standard" equipment prototyped in internal
zones since I'm gonna do some funky things with combat that would make
most traditional diku weapons unbalanced.  (as in, a good weapon
would do 1d8 in damage, while), then once the prototypes are in place,
I can simply point to them and say "thats balanced" then the builders
can get a good idea of what not to do.  (Also, an admin gets the fun
task of reviweing Every single room/mob/object/(mob/obj/room)prog
to make sure its balanced before the area gets installed.)  Hmm,
gave me an idea for another post....

The 2'nd thing is, you seem to be posting a mime copy after your
message, or at least I assume its a mime copy, I haven't been able
to decode one yet, and since I have to do so ass backwardsly.....
I didn't know if this was intentional or not, so I thought I'd tell
you about it :)
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