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From: Sammy (
Date: 02/14/97

On Fri, 14 Feb 1997, JTRhone wrote:

> Related to some of the features someone said they'd like to see in OLC in
> the future.  Someone mentioned (Sam I believe) it would be nice to set up
> a zone how you want it, without wandering mobs runnin around and such.
> Then you could just give mobs items and force them to wear, wield, etc.
> And you could put objects in containers and such, however you want things
> to be set up on a zone reset.
> I have been workin on an OLC of my own for a couple years now, (RoAOLC I
> call it.)  A couple on this list have seen and used it and agree it rocks
> the house.  Anyways, I use a 'locking' mechanism to do this.  Before a
> builder starts work on a zone, they 'lock' it.  This sets a Z_LOCKED flag
> on the zone and everything is basically frozen.  Upon zlock, the zone is
> purged and everything is reloaded at 100% probs, so ya know everything is
> there.  Then you can go around, give mobs stuff, load mobs in certain
> rooms, give em swords, make em wield em, whatever, full sets of armor etc.
> You can also do anything with objects as well, put them inside something,
> then give that to the mob or leave it on the floor.  Lock doors, open
> doors, close doors, basically do anything to the zone to make it how you
> want it to look on reset.  When the builder is done, they 'unlock' the
> zone, which rewrites the zone comlist (just passes thru each room and
> parses out a zone command list).  After it does this, then the zone is
> purged again, and things are reloaded normally, based on percentage loads,
> so it's like a soft reset.  The Z_LOCKED flag is removed, and mobs which
> wander can do so.  (along with the other activity of the zone).  If the
> zone is connected to the rest of the world, players are given a nice
> little message when they try to enter a locked zone, saying it's down for
> construction or whatever.  This is so players don't disrupt a zone when a
> builder is tryin to set things up.  

Yep that's pretty much what I had in mind, tho I hadn't thought of locking
the entrances to the zone since I've always felt that once a zone is
connected to the mud, the reset editing should stop.

One of these days I'm actually gonna pick obuild back up and do all this
stuff :)


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