Re: <Makin' code> and zone editors...

From: JTRhone (
Date: 02/14/97

> Its alot easier for someone new to an olc to lock the zone, then
> walk around and put everything like you want it, but doing this is not
> enough, since you won't get the limits on the objects/mobs and if you have
> load percentages then these need to be set later on as well. And then to
> me its not as intuitive anymore. One could of course make special olc

in my system, the limits on mobs are set during the unlock and it's done
by the code so it's basically transparent to the builder.

Object limits and probabilities, on the other hand, are hooked to the
object itself, on the proto, so it's not a part of locking the zone at
all.  When you are in the object menu, there are fields relating to the
object's load probability zand max_in_game.  Also, on that note, i have an
alternate object vnum field on the object proto which allows for alternate
object loading (up to a limit of 5 checks) in case the original object
didnt load. (try to load this object, if it didnt succeed, try to load its
alternate, if that doesnt succeed, try to load IT'S alternate, etc, with a
max depth of 5 tries, 5 being totally preference based)

I would argue that not worrying about probabilities or max game limits
while setting up a zone is very intuitive.  Go through and plop stuff
where you want... when yer done, unlock the zone.  

I can arrange a tour or somethin for anybody who wants to see RoAOLC for
idea purposes.  Just drop me an email.

jtrhone aka vall RoA

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