Re: <Makin' code> and zone editors...

From: Thomas Hansen (
Date: 02/14/97

I've been using a few different olc's and would just like to point out a
few problems that I see with the intuitive zone editor, unless it comes
with extra functions similar to those already in OBuild.

Its alot easier for someone new to an olc to lock the zone, then
walk around and put everything like you want it, but doing this is not
enough, since you won't get the limits on the objects/mobs and if you have
load percentages then these need to be set later on as well. And then to
me its not as intuitive anymore. One could of course make special olc
types of give/force/drop commands and have them accept arguments for
percentages and limits, etc....

One more thing that I use quite some is to have for example one shield
load infrequently on a mob, and then have a "less powerful" shield load
when the good one doesn't. This is easily done in OBuild as it is now, but
wouldnt go as well with the intuitive stuff?  Would you give the mob 2
shields? And how to specify one is to load if the other doesn't...

Just some thoughts....

Thomas Hansen.

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