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From: Sammy (
Date: 02/13/97

On Wed, 12 Feb 1997, Corey Hoitsma wrote:

> Okay, I got lotsa responses on dig and copyto, thanks a lot guys!
> Now, if you could goto yer builders, and see if they can think
> of a command that would speed up thier building process
> letme know, and I'll try to get it to work:)

I've got a lot of notes on features I plan on adding to obuild someday.
Here's a couple of the more interesting things I think would be useful.

1) Adding spec_procs with the olc - I've done this with mobs, and it's not
   too difficult.  It wouldn't be very useful using only stock spec_procs,
   since there aren't many, but if it's easily expandable, it'd be very
   useful and much cleaner than mobprogs.

2) Adding door resets to the room editor (maybe this is just obuild).  I
   can't count how many times newbie builders have been using the room
   editor and asked me how they set doors closed or locked, not realizing
   it's in a seperate editor.  It'd be easy enough to allow builders to
   set the door postitions where they expect them to be set.

3) Adding max_existing to the mob and object files.  Max_existing is one
   of the most confusing things in zone creations.  For example, in stock
   circle (last I saw), the purple cloak in Arachnos is taken from the 
   Sewers, and since both zones have a max_existing of 1, the cloak never
   loads in the sewers, and because of the if-flag, neither do the devil
   rod or potion.  I think olc should keep track of how many of each mob
   and object are in the zone files, and set max_existing no lower than 
   that number.  Then builders could have the option of leaving it alone
   or setting it higher if they want lots of fidos etc.

4) Adding equipment/inventories to the mob editor.  This is another
   feature that would make the reset editing more transparent.  Most
   builders give every mob of the same type the same objects in the same
   places, so why not let them do this once in the mob editor instead of
   adding lots of reset commands?

5) Making reset editing intuitive.  In addition to the above, I think
   builders should be able to use load, give, force, etc in their zone to
   set up the mobs, objects, and doors in their zone the way they want it
   to look when it resets.  This would require overriding wandering mobs
   so they stay put while you're editing the zone.  The builder can wander
   around the zone, using load to load mobs and objects.  They can "give"
   objects to mobs and "force" them to wield or wear them.  When the
   builder saves the zone, the olc would go through each room, and create
   reset commands for unopen doors, and objects and mobs in the room,
   including the mob's eq.

6) Making it possible for mortals to build.  I've had a few requests for
   this feature.  It involves a lot of security problems.  I've got a
   pretty secure system worked out on paper (too bad I can't find it).
   It's an involved project.

7) Convert Oasis or Obuild to merc, rom, and envy.  I'm tired of getting
   requests to do this :)  I think the fact that there are four publically
   available olc packages for circle say a lot about the people who code
   circlemuds.  Now don't go making demands for code and driving off any
   more of us ;)

Whew!  Well that's all I have for now.  If I can find the rest of my notes
I can probably add a lot more.


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