From: Mike Levine (mrunix@srv1.ic.net)
Date: 02/13/97

Greetings & Salutations,

I'm wondering if anyone has run into a problem with the OLIST,
MLIST and RLIST causing a buffer overflow situation resulting
in your session getting terminated?

I've installed the patches and they work great with the one
exception that a list greater than 123 causes a socket error
and knocks you off the mud.

I've patched the OLIST, MLIST, and RLIST by setting up a counter
loop that checks if the list is greater than 123. If it is the
remainder of the output is ignored and a message returned to 
the user stating that the list was greater than 123.

I really don't like this solution as it is clunky.

Does anyone have an alternate suggestion? 

Here is the error:

"process_output: socket write would block, about to close"

This is from comm.c line 1136

Your help would be most welcome.

Mike Levine

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