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From: Robert Erica (
Date: 02/14/97

At 15:38 14-02-97 -0500, Raven wrote:
>Hey look Sammy and Alex 
>One i think it was very important that you guys knew what was happening
>and for Alex to say it had nothing to do with the people on the list makes
>him an idiot because it does affect the people on the list

1. I won't notice or change anything when they change the phone rates in
the US (not all readers of this list are americans you know).

2. I allready have to pay to the phone company for my internet connection
time, (including E-Mail, but not the mud-time (do that at my school)) so i
also have to pay to receive all those off-topic posts........ (don't get me
wrong, I don't mind getting 50 or so interesting posts a day), but talking
about costs and mailing off topic things to a mailing list seems a bit
strange to me, I allready have to pay for receiving your posts.......

3. The place for these kind of post is called usenet...... (i don't know,
alt.AT&T.die or something like that :-)

those where my DFL 0.02 :-)
btw. i know this also is off topic :-) 

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