[CODE] [DESIGN] Going Immortal

From: Mike Levine (mrunix@srv2.ic.net)
Date: 02/14/97

There are a couple of really nice implementations of Immorting
code which require the plr to have n-number of sacrifice points
or have enough battle points before they actually advance.

I also like the presentation - it makes the act of immorting
that much more special. "You are surrounded by eternal white
flames ..." etc...etc...

While most of the examples I've seen are in Diku Muds I believe one
or two exist in current Circle Muds as well.

Does anyone have a similar implementation in their Circle3.0bpl8-11
mud that could be shared, perused or generally discussed?

Especially any implementation that requires additional points
other than experience.

I am really interested in actual implementations or psudo-code
design discussions.

Thanks in advance
Mike Levine
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