Re: [CODE] [DESIGN] Going Immortal

From: Eric Pilcher (
Date: 02/15/97

> There are a couple of really nice implementations of Immorting
> code which require the plr to have n-number of sacrifice points
> or have enough battle points before they actually advance.
> I also like the presentation - it makes the act of immorting
> that much more special. "You are surrounded by eternal white
> flames ..." etc...etc...

Sorry, this is more of an [ADMIN] note.

Unfortunatly, this still makes the assumption that immortality
should go to those that are either the best players, were
hand held by the best players, had the faster clinets, or
just spent the most time on the mud.  While there should
be some rewards for playing, I no longer feel immortality
should be a reward.  Why?

Because the immortals are supposed to be the arbitrators, 
creators, policy makers and judges.  None of which is
determined by an ability to kill the Dracoilich.

Power players who reach immortality tend to power play with
a new mortal and use their immortal to their new characters
advantage.  Further more, as more players reach immortality,
buerocracy swells nothing but bickering is accomplished. 
I've watched this happen and I feel this contributed to the 
death of at least one well established Mud.

As an alternative, try one of these:
1.  Perpetual gain at the guilds, but with diminishing
2.  Advance to Hero status where certain benefits are
gained, but ordinary advancement stops.
3.  Set up a quest which is essentially the main goal
of the game.  When characters achieve it their name
goes down into the history books, but they are forced
to retire the character/start over.

Pick your immortals a different way.  Give mortals who
show an intrest a chance to build, run quests, mediate
disputes, write small chunks of code such as spec procs,
etc.  And if they show promise, immort them.

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