From: Ray Campbell (goalie19@IDT.NET)
Date: 02/14/97

Ok, here is what I wanted to do, and I was wondering if what I planned
to do was actually correct.

In oedit I want to add a submenu of sorts, once you go into the extra
flags where you can define an item as !EVIL, !MAGIC...and so on.  I
wanna make an option pop up there to take me to my anti-class menu
which will set the item to !THIEF, !CLERIC, so on... and same with races
so the menu would look something like:

 1) GLOW                  2) HUM
 3) !RENT                 4) !DONATE
 5) !INVIS                6) INVISIBLE
 7) MAGIC                 8) !DROP
 9) BLESS                10) !GOOD
11) !EVIL                12) !NEUTRAL
13) !MAGE                14) !CLERIC
15) !THIEF               16) !WARRIOR
17) !SELL                               
18) Anti-class Menu      19) Anti-Race Menu
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Object flags: !SELL
Enter object extra flag (0 to quit) :

then it will take me to another menu for classes that will look like:


than if I type 19 in it will take me to amneu like:


Has anyone got any suggestions, Im looking through the code, but sort of
Thanks in advance....
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