[Code] OLC and overlapping rooms

From: Rasdan (thomajam@ucs.orst.edu)
Date: 02/15/97

Hey all,

    I am trying to put a check within the olc I use (obuild) to make sure
that a player cannot make overlapping rooms (ie: room creation sequence:
n (room starting in = 100)
e - 101
s - 102
w - 103
n - 104 (BAD)

    Instead, what I would like to have done is for the code to 
automatically create the w-n exit, instead of going to 104, to go to 100.

    Can anyone provide any pointers on how to go about accomplishing this?



	                   James C. Thomas Jr.
         thomajam@ucs.orst.edu            rasdan@necromium.com 

		If ya want to build, or code, check out:

		      finality.mudservices.com 5555

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