From: Ray Campbell (goalie19@IDT.NET)
Date: 02/15/97

Two questions for you gus:
oddly enough, I am having trouble with my medit.after I am done editing
the mobile and I try to save the MUD crashes. heh, now...I ran gdb and
then medited a mob, when it crashed gdb said ther was a segmentation
fault, what can I do to fix this problem?
I added a new text file called builders (it was going to be a builders
policy of sorts). now, I followed handbooks code, and it all compiled
perfectly, but when I type builders it displays nothing.  Also, I have
tedit, so I tried to tedit the file thinking maybe that it hadnt been
created yet, and when I do it crashes the MUD.  I also did a gdb on
that, and it also came up with a segmentation fault.  

Now, is this something I am doing, or something messed up somewhere?
any help is greatly appreciated

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