Re: [gdb] crash

From: DJ Pure (
Date: 02/15/97


> > here is gdb output
> > #0  0x4003c317 in _IO_vfprintf ()
> > (gdb) bt
> > #0  0x4003c317 in _IO_vfprintf ()
> > #1  0x40040aa6 in _IO_vsprintf ()
> > #2  0x80b13a4 in buf ()
> > Cannot access memory at address 0xfbad0001.
> > I can't exactly understand this.. but maybe one of you gurus can tell
> > me whats wrong :P thanks
> Well, it would really help if we could see what in the hell it's
> doing, don't you think? (not intended to be as rude as it sounds)

Umm .. my code compiles perfectly and (so far) runs perfectly under my
win95 / MSVC++ 4.0. I've just tried crashing it here and there, and after
many fixes (i'm a lame coder) i got it working eventually. Now. i know my
patches and i copied the same lines (basically) over to my friends mud. Now
it compiled fine, did a pwipe/rentwipe and supposedly he says it crashes.
Now. He said that was the gdb output. I have NEVER used gdb. I've just been
given an http page, so i'm gonna read it to find out how to do a trace ...

Anyways ... you said you want to see something ... what.. my code right?
But i have NO idea what lines to show and where .. I sorta don't want / am
not allowed (imm polices) to show all my code, but i don't know what lines
to show ..... i thought gdb tells you where it crashes .. from reading
those lines above ... i have never heard of the function thingy vfprintf.
So it's doing something werid. 

Any more ideas peoples?

Oh. I thought that (despite things like conf.h, etc) most code (once it
compiles) can be ported rather easily between os's. My code i've done is
NOT complex at all. The hardest thing i did was have some arrays ... and
lots of macro checks .. but i can't see why THAT would crash it on UNIX and
not on Win95....

Thanks .. Jussy
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