Re: [gdb] crash

From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 02/16/97

On Sun, 16 Feb 1997, DJ Pure wrote:

> > Well, it would really help if we could see what in the hell it's
> > doing, don't you think? (not intended to be as rude as it sounds)
> Anyways ... you said you want to see something ... what.. my code right?
> But i have NO idea what lines to show and where .. I sorta don't want / am
> not allowed (imm polices) to show all my code, but i don't know what lines
> to show ..... i thought gdb tells you where it crashes .. from reading
> those lines above ... i have never heard of the function thingy vfprintf.
> So it's doing something werid. 

Well, see, you didn't even say when it's crashing. For instance, if
it's whenever you type "say" at the command prompt, it should be
pretty obvious that you need to look at "say". Obviously, the problem
is with the new code, so you can use selectively placed log() commands
to find just where it's crashing, or you can use your newly found
knowledge at that gdb homepage to 'step' into the crash.

As for vfprintf, that is a standard C function, so it's not all that
weird. The problem is seems most likely to be with a memory fault,
which is why gdb (and any debugger for that matter) is all but
worthless examining the core dump (because the code doesn't crash
until it's in internal functions, when the actual problem is caused
by faulty code, that causes the internal functions to crash).

How about saying exactly what you added the code for, too? It might
help to know if you added like a nuerel net for mobiles, or if it
was just a new skill, you know?

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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