Re: [gdb] crash

From: Jason VanRooyen (
Date: 02/16/97

At 10:13 PM 2/16/97 -0500, you wrote:
>> I'll try porting it to UNIX again and giving it another go... but it works
>> perfectly on my test win95 server here at home. It's when i copy the exact
>> same files over to the mud on a red hat linuxy thingy that it crashes ...
>> is it possible that the code isn't portable when it compiles perfectly on
>> both machines, with ALL the code (even from all the other files) is
>> identical ?? There is no complex code in it... only arrays.
>Heh, _someone_ shoulda picked up on this.   I'm assuming you just
>copied the files over, however, windows/dos puts those nice ^M`s
>at the end of every line (well, carriage return technically)  You
>should check the files and look for errant ^M's  I once had a single
>^M at the beginning of a file that caused 3-4 pages of errors.
>BTW, Note to Alex, is it possible to swwitch the Reply To: back to
>the person who mailed the message to the list?  I have no idea how
>to mail the person only with my mail reader (yeah I know, thats my
>problem, but I'm sure a few of the private conversations going on
>over the list would cease :)
Yeah, those ^M's are irritating.  They can really throw things off.
Be careful of them, especially in define statements over one line
long.  You'll need to get them all.

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