Re: Re: Maze Code [LONG]

From: Doppleganger Software (
Date: 02/18/97

>Nice! I wonder if you could go into some explaniation on how the maze is
>created, i.e. the algorithim you used to remove certain exits. I looked
>through the code but didn't quite understand.

I found the algorithm on the net.  It's pretty simple actually and it 
works for mazes of ANY shape (squares, cubes, hexagons, decahedrons, etc)

Draw out the map, with the shapes but all 'walls' being up.  Go through 
every wall, in a random way.  If you can get to the room on the other 
side of the wall through some other path, leave the wall, otherwise, 
knock the wall out.  That's why I used the track.  The first part of the 
code makes the walls, the next part does a 'card shuffle' (randomizes the 
walls) and the last part goes through and decides.  Then a clean-up part 
removes all the BFS marks and add the NOTRACK.
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