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From: John Evans (
Date: 02/18/97

At 09:58 PM 2/17/97 -0600, Erik Bennett wrote:
>I'm not good in C and would like to know if this is possible.

I've been coding in Pascal for 9 years now and just picked up learning C
about a month ago. Of course, like a maniac, I started coding on something
that I enjoy... Circle Mud!  (Thank you, Jeremy!)

My skills in C are, by far, meager, but I have managed to code (and patch)
in several things that are wondermous!

o Nine races with special abilities (fly, sense life, etc...)
o Nine classes. (Still working on the skills...Jeez... Skills running out my..)
o Rewarding mortals for sacrifices. (gold, (MVH)_gain, TINY boost in MAX_(MVH))
o Buring Drow if they are out in the sun.
o Coded items that will melt in the sun (But not if up for auction. CRASH!)
o Automated Auction.
o Color codes.
o Configurable Prompts. (Thanks Dan!)
o Neat who list. (Thanks again Dan!)
o Made it possible for objs to be hidden from Locate Object.
o Lots of other stuff that just isn't coming to mind.....

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that if you have the desire, ability to
learn from a book, and raw stubbornness you can code ANYTHING that you want.
(Oh yeah... Lots of nicotine and caffine helps too.)

John Evans [RPGs, SCA, MUDs and Search Engines] [Slanted Reality (Look for Beosig)]

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