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From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 02/18/97

On Tue, 18 Feb 1997, John Evans wrote:

> I've been coding in Pascal for 9 years now and just picked up learning C
> about a month ago. Of course, like a maniac, I started coding on something
> that I enjoy... Circle Mud!  (Thank you, Jeremy!)


> o Buring Drow if they are out in the sun.

Hm, on this note, (and not that anyone cares all that much), according
to TSR, you can't make mention of "Drow elves" as they are apparently a
trademark. I believe TSR has a homepage with this legal b.s. on it. I
don't agree with what they're trying to do, though (like a bunch of
non-profit muds is going to hurt their sales--more than likely, a few
people will buy AD&D because they've seen references on muds).

> o Coded items that will melt in the sun (But not if up for auction. CRASH!)

Cool, I never even thought of that for my weather system. Maybe I'll
make a melting point for the particular materials that I use to make up
weapons (materials are already the basis for the cost of items, which
is really cool, because then hard-quenched steel is more expensive in
areas that don't have a lot of steel or don't have the resources to
produce good steel; add this with the weight of items, and coinage has
an intrinsic value, so a Caer Domain gold mark is worth more than the
lighter Mahana Tan'reck coin.

> o Configurable Prompts. (Thanks Dan!)
> o Neat who list. (Thanks again Dan!)

I feel special. :)

> o Made it possible for objs to be hidden from Locate Object.

Even better is to (if you use my materials idea) make certain materials
reject locate object. For instance, iron would make locate object
either not work at all (for something that is largely iron) or make
it more obscure. Thus, putting things inside of an iron box will make
it hard to find anything but the general location (read: zone or what
have you).

> Basically, what I'm trying to say is that if you have the desire, ability to
> learn from a book, and raw stubbornness you can code ANYTHING that you want..
> (Oh yeah... Lots of nicotine and caffine helps too.)

I don't condone nicotine. But caffiene is wonderful. Oh, yah, and for
those really big coding jobs, try some crack cocaine...

Uhm, that was a joke. Crack cocaine is too expensive.

Suffering another beauituful day in the high 70s during Winter in
Northern California (oh, darn),

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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