Re: Bug in autoeq for CircleMUDbpl11

From: Burkhard Knopf (
Date: 02/18/97

>>>>> "Gary" == Gary L Jackson <> writes:

 Gary> I found a bug in your code for autoequiping on CircleMUDbpl11.
 Gary> In objsave.c:

    if (!feof(fl))
      if ((obj = Obj_from_store_to(object, &locate))) {
	ch->in_room = 1;
	auto_equip(ch, obj, locate);

 Gary> The underlined line causes some serious problems when
 Gary> characters log on with equipment.  It creates two copies of the
 Gary> person, one where they are supposed to log in and one in room
 Gary> one.  You get control of the one in room one, though.  When you
 Gary> try to go in to the same room as the other copy, an infinite
 Gary> loop results in list_char_to_char().  We solved this problem by
 Gary> omitting this one line.

You know what: I couldn't find this very line in any of my backups of
the patch files i sent to Circle ftp. And it definitely doesn't belong
there. Really strange.

My latest backup of the autoeq.pl11.patch.gz is exactly the same
except that there's no "ch->in_room = 1;" (and the line numbers are
1 less from this line on :-). So I guess I have to put my patch there


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