Re: [errors]

From: Walter Goodwin (
Date: 02/18/97

> listen all i am askign is for help if that is not why this list was made
> why was it then,.,..
> you flame for asking for help!!!!
> OK I thank those who have tried to help me but when others flame me....
> *sigh*
> oh well
> if anyone can still help me cause i can't figure why i keep gettin this
> error

Actually Daniel's response wasn't a flame :)  However, since this applies
to more than a few people I'm gonna go ahead and send this to the list.

(BTW, the following isn't a flame either, if anything, it might be
harsh criticism)

I won't condemn someone for trying to learn C through mud coding.
(hell, its what I did/am doing.)  But it appears that you have no
clue what you are doing, or even took the time to research an error.
to put it frankly, if you are bringing a parse error to the list, then
something is seriously wrong.  IMHO, parse errors are most likely the
easiest errors to fix (until you get into hidden characters :/ Heh, as
an old C instructor said "You can come to me for help with any error,
but if it's a missing () or ;, you are getting an F for the assignment)

I mean, to be brutally honest, you seem to be a complete newbie that turns
to the list for every error that they encounter (to be fair, I don't know
if you do or not :)   You should try to solve any errors on your own for
at least 2-3 days, and then if you haven't figured it out, turn to the
list.   I know I'm a better programmer because of it.  (if I had turned
to the list at every error, then I'd never learn how to debug my own code
or form good coding styles :)

As for what the list was made for question,  I think there are a lot of
opinions on that one :)   (for instance, to help _me_ when I need it ;)
personally I see it as a place for a group of people who share a common
hobby to share ideas, code, stories, and as a last resort, ask for help.

Again, this isn't a flame of you in particular, it just has to do with
my own patience levels :)
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