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From: Walter Goodwin (
Date: 02/18/97

> 	I think it makes it alot easier, actually.  I realize not everyone
> is reading the list from a Unix acct, but for those that are, and are
> also using elm, hit % (shift-5) when on the msg will display the=20
> sender's e-mail address.  (man is that a run-on sentence or what?) :)

Well of course it makes it easier to respond to the list.  However,
I think the majority of the messages that are being sent right now
however, should actually be sent to the person themselves.  Look at
that builder who wanted to get a building position on a mud.  How
many responses were sent over the list in a day?  I counted 3 before
writing this.  Howabout when someone requests help with some code?
do we really need 5 people responding over the list with something
that would prolly only apply to that one person?  Or the several other
"private" conversations happening over the list?

BTW, yes I am using elm, and % doesn't help me.  it sends
"" as who it is from, heck, its very inconsistant,
sometimes I can easily get the person's email address from the headers
when I read the mail, sometimes I have to ask for the full headers,
sometimes I can't find their email address at all.  I think remembering is a better alternative than hunting for an
useable address to cut and paste in.  Though admittedly, I have forgotten
to switch the To: field to the address on more occasions than I care
to remember. (one poor guy musta gotten _at least_ 4 messages from me
as I kept re-writing my mail and forgetting to switch the To: over,
then growling, then repeating the process)

My vote would be to require a little more thought to send it to the list,

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