Re: [gdb] crash

From: AxL (
Date: 02/17/97

> should check the files and look for errant ^M's  I once had a single
> ^M at the beginning of a file that caused 3-4 pages of errors.

	Quick helpful tip for some to get rid of em, (using vi of 
course) ;)


	There, hit control-v, then control-m.

> BTW, Note to Alex, is it possible to swwitch the Reply To: back to
> the person who mailed the message to the list?  I have no idea how
> to mail the person only with my mail reader (yeah I know, thats my
> problem, but I'm sure a few of the private conversations going on
> over the list would cease :)
	I think it makes it alot easier, actually.  I realize not everyone
is reading the list from a Unix acct, but for those that are, and are
also using elm, hit % (shift-5) when on the msg will display the 
sender's e-mail address.  (man is that a run-on sentence or what?) :)

	Last note:  Need to work out one last kink on my random lightning
code....I'll put it up here when done.
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