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From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 02/18/97

On Tue, 18 Feb 1997, melen wrote:

>     if ((SECT(i->in_room) == SECT_UNDERWATER) && !can_underwater(i) && GET_LEVEL(i) < LVL_GOD && !IS_NPC(i)) {
>      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ *This is the line it crashes on!*

Try using gdb's 'print' command. It can do a world of good. Try
'print i->in_room'. If you get a 0x0, then you know you have a
player that is not in a room and should add a 'i->in_room &&'
before the SECT(i->in_room) check.

CircleMud List Administration:

BTW, here's some rules I think should be sent when someone joins
the mailing list (and they should be punishable by a few warnings
then maybe temp removal?):

  a. Quote only the appropriate text, snip out signatures in
     quotes and anything that you are not replying specifically
     to. (Afterall, we don't need to see what is unrelated to
     your message) But please include quotes that you are
     responding to, so we can understand. Try to quote as little
     as possible, without obscuring what you are talking about.

  b. Repsond via e-mail with flames, or when deemed appropriate.
     For instance, when someone is offering their services, you
     should respond with e-mail, not over the list (most people
     won't care if you want John Doe for a coder).

  c. Let stupid threads based upon personal opinions die by
     ignoring them. Do not contribute to the stupidity.

  d. Do not respond entirely off-topic (unless you're Alex :)),
     to a message. For instance, if someone writes a message about
     implementing a paladin class, do not reply asking a question
     about 'Why XXX bug is appearing?' when it has nothing to do
     with the discussion.

  e. No, Daniel Koepke is not availible to code on your Mud.

  f. No, Daniel Koepke doesn't have a Mud up at the present time.

  g. No, Daniel Koepke probably can't cure cancer.

Uhm, sorry about those last three, they just seemed very appropriate.
I'm sure others of you have experienced this phenomeneon? I've been
asked to code for 6 muds (I've realized I really suck at coding on
other people's muds, I dunno why), and have been asked uncountable
times if I have a mud. :) As for the cancer one, it's a just in case

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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