Re: Small Note.

From: Dalamar (
Date: 02/18/97

if you're using GCC it's just going to be:


in the src directory or

make all

if you want the utilities (they'll be useless for you under Win95 though)

the "nmake" is if you are using Vis C++ (pref ver. 4) in the same directory
if you are using Vic C++ you'll have to set your environment varibles
before you compile by going to you \MSDEV\BIN\ directory (where Vis C++ is)
and typing:


> From: Erik Bennett <>
> Subject: Re:  Small Note.
> Date: Tuesday, February 18, 1997 10:21 PM
> > Look man,
> >    I'm not sure what all the hell is about flaming. But I don't think
> > you've played enough MUDs... I can give you a good site to get a start.
> > It's called EuropaMUD, Play for awile.
> > LEARN TO READ A README file. Learn more about MUDs in general. Then
> > E-Mail the list, and I'll be glad to help ya get started. 
> Yes, I have played MUDS just about my from age 12 to right now (5 years)
> and I know alot about playing them.  I am currrently a player of Toril. 
> Toril's the only mud I play at.  I like to build sometimes.  I just want
> Win95 Circle Mud for me to build on for fun.  No telnet in just for me
> my friends that come over.  If you want to give me help on that, please

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