Re: Small Note.

From: vexed (
Date: 02/19/97

Assuming your using the Cygnus GCC port.. make sure you downloaded
all_tar.gz (the reason being that you will have ALL the GNU executables)
and windows32api-0_1_2_tar.gz (although i think the very latest
version of Cygnus-GCC has windows32api built in) - and have it setup
correctly - that can be a real swine sometimes - if you want help with this
try checking out 
once you've done that look at the FTP site for circle-gnu.README (i think
its at and read that. Make the
modifications noted and it should work fine.. 

If i have time, i'll zip up the current setup of Cygnus-GCC and stick it on
a site (gonna have to read licenses and stuff first though) and also a
version of circlemud thats stock except for the modifications made for
Cygnus-GCC.. if you have any specific problems, (i.e the mingw32.bat file
gives errors like 'out of environment space' etc) give me an email at and i'll try and help.

The command line for compiling?.. make or nmake (whilst in the src
directory). If it hasn't been modified for Gygnus-GCC it won't work though,
you also have to make sure that you have a path going to all the GNU

GAWD.. im really gonna have to improve my email writing,
how many open/close brackets (or whatever you want to call them ;) in
there? :)

Regards, Paul

BTW. don't try using the dos version of GCC it doesn't work.. 

- A boy's will is the wind's will,
- And the thoughts of youth are
- long, long thoughts.

- Longfellow, My Lost Youth.
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