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From: Andy Hubbard (
Date: 02/19/97

> > 
> > > Seems that everyone is fast to flame me but not help me, a few did give me
> > > email saying that they didn't know or gave a little help and I am gratious
> > > to them,  I know from reading this list that people are using it for Win95
> > > and using the GCC compiler.  Could someone just give me the command line to
> > > compile Circle Mud 3.X using GCC compiler?
> > 
OK, I gotta finally write here :(
Just go to the ftp site and look in contrib/win95
All the changes you need to make to conf.h and the makefile and 
various other things are superbly documented there.  After I had 
finally got the minimalist cygwin stuff installed (which also had 
good instructions if you go to the relevant site), the compile went 
smoothly, ...  my first ever compile.
One thing, get make.exe as well, minimalist doesn't have this (this 
is in the doc in contrib/win95), all you do then is type make, if 
this doesn't work then try gcc -c -c <file.c> on a file and see what 
happens.  Errors are more likely due to the fact that the compiler is 
not installed properly, not the mud code (providing you've changed it 
as per instructions).


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