[] Bug in Medit?? and other thingies

From: Søren P. Skou (tigerdyr@internet.dk)
Date: 02/19/97

Hi All

Strangely enough, my ISP sucks, so I've lost a lot of mails. Well, 
I have some kind of strange error in MEDIT, when I try to save the new mobs
I've made the thing goes all haywire and crashes the mud. GDB only tells me
that some kind of problem with LIBC(), nothing much to go by I know, but
the only thing I did was to upgrade from Redhat 3.0.3 to 4.0. Anyone else
who knows what this could be?!?

Another thing. The Clan Code, looks pretty neat (see .. not all my mail was
destroyed.. only about 95%) .. BUT! where the h... is clan.h and the rest
of clan.c??

If any1 has it, please please pretty please post it again, or send it
directly to me. Or if it is downloadable anywhere (I Checked The Snippets
and The FTP-site) please tell me.

Thanks in advance.

/T-Rex is terribly irritated by his ISP..
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